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Job Team München III (goe)-S-93572

Support Testmanagement for ERP-System (MACH) - Berlin

- Testplanning and -management (on behalf of HP ALM)
- Review and processing test cases by customer
- Coordination of test-automation
- Leading the test team
- Operation of tests

Requirements (Must have):
HP ALM, Selenium, Test Automation, Functional Test, Regression Test, Load Test, System Test, Performance Test, ISTQB

Conception, Implementation and Roll-Out of an ERP System (MACH) for Land Berlin. We are facing a heterogenous structure, built by 7 senate offices (incl. subsidiary authorities) as well as 12 regional administrations (Bezirksverwaltungen), overall consisting of about 250 single authorities.

Plans are to implement the ERP-System in the first three quarters of year 2018, companied / followed by a thorough test phase, concluding the delivery in 2018. Ongoing testing will be needed in 2019 (for pilote production) as well as roll-out in 2020. Testing will demand a very high quality as well as a high degree of test automation (Selenium, HP ALM).
Project language: german
  • Branche Öffentlicher Dienst
  • Ort Berlin
  • Start 01.10.2017
  • Dauer 31.12.2020
  • Vertragsart freiberuflich
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