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Job GOE-107231

GoLive Manager for Data Migration - München

- Define and validate go-live process by functional domain and consolidate overall plan (how to stop the source system, how to start the target system, durations of these activities)
- Conduct analysis to choose the go-live date (consider IT & business & strategic requirements)
- Establish the PERT of the Go-live week-end
- Organize and operate the Go-live Head Quarter & specific instances / governance
- Manage the go-live plan (prior to go-live, during go-live, after go-live)
- Plan, organize and manage the go-live rehearsals, involving all required participants (IT, business, partners)
- Manage the scope freeze period and exceptional change request escalation process

The Rehearsals and GoLive Manager will lead the rehearsals phase in the project migration, be responsible for the deliverables of this phase and build up/manage the command center for final migration. This includes planning/scheduling, coordinating and the management of the rehearsals and the final GoLive according to the defined project scope of the data migration and the responsability to provide the deliverables e.g. migration script taking into account the auditing accceptability. According experienced tools and templates has to be provided by the consultant.
The Rehearsals and GoLive Manager works collaboratively with all managers and contributors of the different sub streams of the project. The way of working and communication has to be flexible due to people in different locations. He reports to the project manager of the project migration and the program manager of the Capricorn/Digital 2.0.

Project language: English

- Senior expert for data migration projects especially to run the rehearsals and golive
- Strong communication and senior project management skills
- Experienced tools and templates included
- Fluent English skills

- References from banks

Auslastung: 100% (5 Tage/Woche vor Ort beim Kunden, Homeoffice nach Absprache)


Alina Dobrovolska
Telefon: +49 89 993910-97
  • Branche Bank/Finanzen
  • Ort München
  • Start 01.04.2019
  • Dauer 28.02.2020
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